Here are a few things we do well.

  • Branding

  • Web Design & Development

  • ● Copywriting

  • ● Illustration

  • ● Art Decoration

  • ● Identity Systems

  • ● Print & Package Design

  • ● Naming

  • ● Photography & Videography

  • ● Creative Consulting

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Marc Taylor

Digital Marketing & Brand Specialist

I am Marc Taylor, a strategic, multi-disciplinary brand implementation designer, and art director in Knoxville, Tennessee. I started my career in the hotel franchise arena at one of the nation’s most successful lodging brands and later served as a brand facilitator for the world's largest franchise system. Now serving as the Owner and Creative Lead of my latest company, Brandetour, my extensive skill set includes art direction, visual design, logo design, brand identity design, brand strategy, infographics, interactive design (mobile + web design), and print design. I have developed a thorough understanding of the latest social media and web technologies.

A Graduate of the University of Tennessee, I am a self-employed independent graphic design consultant specializing in logo design, branding, web design, print design, social media, user experience, and more for 30 years.

Specialties: Art Direction, Logo Design, Branding, Web Design, Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy, Rich Media Design, Interaction Design, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Print Design, SEO, User Experience Design, Mobile Design, Creative Direction

Michael joined the Brandetour team in January 2018 as an intern and has since become an integral part of the team. He has always had an interest in computers and loves building new ones when he can. His desire to always keep learning new things has been beneficial to his ever growing tool belt of skills. Whether it's rebuilding a car, repairing a computer, building a website or creating graphics he has done it.

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Michael Mackey

Digital Jedi


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Brandetour has a 6-step process we use to develop & execute marketing plans for our customers. Following this process ensures we’re finding the most effective marketing solutions for our clients both online and through traditional advertising.

1. Identify

Step 1 involves identifying and documenting the key attributes & marketing concepts for your business. Our discovery process leads to a description of key elements such as your target audience, customer value proposition, competitive position and key marketing messages. This helps us communicate the best messages to the right consumers.

2. Develop

Based on your brand identity and your business goals, we develop strategies to connect you in meaningful ways with your target audience. We evaluate alternatives based on your target audience and characteristics of your messages and recommend those techniques we believe will produce the best return on your investment.

3. Create

The strategies we create will dictate what online sites, print material, & imagery are required. Almost all online strategies require a website or landing pages. But they may also call for social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn, as well as email newsletters or survey forms. We use familiar & consistent imagery and messaging to maintain easy brand recognition.

4. Execute

When the platforms are built, the connection activities outlined in the strategy can begin. We monitor activities closely to be responsive to consumer requests and to identify potential problem areas before they reach a critical level.

5. Analyze

We call the consumer activities that lead to growth in your company, growth behavior. We track and analyze growth behavior to understand what’s encouraging this behavior and to determine what we can do to increase it. We produce reports that document key performance metrics so everyone can understand what’s happening and contribute to the success of the campaigns.

6. Adjust

Once we have enough information to analyze, we make alterations to our marketing plans. These adjustments can include every aspect of the campaigns including strategy revisions, website changes, or adjustments in how we deliver campaigns. These changes lead to more results, which are analyzed, and the cycle of continuous improvement goes on.

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