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Responsive, adaptive, mobile-friendly websites are the trend. This allows the user to be able to access the site content easier on any device.

Mobile search now exceeds 50%! Is your company website mobile friendly?

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"I believe connecting the essence of the targeted brand identity with outlets available to digitally implement a solid online marketing strategy is the strongest plan for most businesses."

Web Design, Development & Maintenance

Website relevance and search content are vital to search engine placement. A modern Web presence will attract new and repeat customers to your company and help distinguish your offerings from your competitors. Trade businesses and private associations benefit from our custom designs. Brandetour uses many digital media tools to meet the needs or your organization.

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Creating a Superior Experience.

To create the best website for your business you must first determine your website’s goals, who you want to attract, and how to direct the attention of your visitors to get them to take action. We design and build mobile-responsive Our website hosting is reliable and affordable. Throughout the project, your dedicated Project Manager will provide conscious effort, attentive listening, and diligent planning – resulting in an outstanding website.

Your website should both support and enhance your business objective. We use a collaborative process to create an effective and powerful online presence. Your Project Manager will guide you through the process of balancing your goals with your budget and your timeline to get you the best results. Together, we’ll create a beautifully effective web platform that elevates your purpose.


Our web design and development process adheres to a ground-up approach. Through our tried-and-true planning process, we’ll create a superior online experience for your visitors, your customers and your team.


1. Discovery

Our process begins with listening. We will meet with you to collect ideas and share insights about your project and the way your website can work for you. Our main goal at this stage is to listen, and then to ask questions and take a deep dive into your company, product, market, and goals.

2. Plan

Next, we gather internally and distill our ideas and sketches into action plans. We establish a website structure and present this to you for feedback. Through this planning stage, you will see the context of the information on your website and how your website visitors will find what they are looking for.

3. Content and Storytelling

Your website is tailored to tell the story of your business and to differentiate you from your competition. Your dedicated project manager will guide you through the best practices for building website content that tells your story, including what you want to say and how you want to say it. Need great photography or some SEO keyword-driven copywriting? We have top-notch experts on web content ready to get to work for you.

4. Web Design

Our web design team is built around collaborative conversation. We take the plan for your website and create a responsive website design that reflects what we have learned about you as people, as a company, and as a brand. Our mastery is in authentically representing your culture. You’ll review the website design and provide feedback so that your team can understand and direct how the website will serve your needs.

5. Development

You can trust our web development team to deliver solid, best-practice code in developing your website. After all, we’ve been building eCommerce and small business websites for 20+ years. We build sites mainly using WordPress as a content management system and we provide reliable local website hosting with nightly backups. During the development process, we incorporate the structure and functionality with the visual design for your site. Each of our websites is built to evolve with flexibility so that you can edit what you need to, without having to edit code.

6. Testing + Training

Testing is the key to our mutual success. We test in multiple waves for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Our team will test and review the website through the development phase, removing bugs and assuring that the project is kept on specification.

7. Launch!

Best-practice search engine optimization (SEO) in place? Check.

Website review and testing complete? Check.

You’ve been fully trained on how to make changes to your website? Check.

Time to hit the Launch button and give each other a high-five!

8. Revisit for Maintenance and Updates

Search engines reward web sites for updating often and fresh or updated content can initiate the return of visitors. Ensuring that all information and site content on your company website be kept current is crucial to the user experience. Brandetour emphasizes monthly to quarterly updating.

Stay in front of the competition. Ongoing updates and routine maintenance are key to a successful website. By regularly dedicating time to review the current content on your site and request changes, additions, and deletions, you should notice higher placement within the search engines. Current, as well as potential consumers will be more likely to use the website as a resource if the content is accurate and assists them in making a decision to purchase your product or service.

Is it time for a new website? Let us take care of the details to get you the best results!

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